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On our latest trip to America, we visited Albuquerque New Mexico for the 2011 American Lhasa Apso Club National Shows with our friends from Sooquan Lhasa Apsos.

It was at this time we met Ronny Junkins from Jaron’s Lhasa’s. Ronny was kind enough to let us “go over” a girl he was exhibiting at the show.

Her name was Emily. I was mesmerized.

I jokingly asked Ronny “is she for sale” to which he replied “she could be”. 

Emily arrived in Australia on the 29th March 2012. It was a very difficult 30 days travelling down to Eastern Creek twice a week but believe me, Emily was worth every kilometre.

We welcomed Emily home with us on the 28th April 2012. 

All our other Lhasa’s just adore her and she has moved in as though she was always a part of the Olebob family.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Ronny for the faith and trust he has placed in us to exhibit a Jaron’s Lhasa Apso in Australia. 

To be entrusted with a Lhasa that is so true to type is very exciting and brings about a new chapter that we are looking forward to beginning.

Our home page photo and the photo’s below are courtesy of Jaron’s photo’s.


Emily gains her American Grand Champion title

     Emily gains her American Grand Champion title






Emily as a baby puppy

Emily's winning first




Emily with Ronny               











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